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Take the CEO Assessment

Do you have the CEO mindset? Discover that special something that separates you from the pack and enables you to take responsibility for your own achievement while unleashing the greatness necessary for you to live the life that you want.

Share Your AchieveMints™

Sharing something you've achieved is a powerful moment. We like to think of sharing an achievement as sharing a refreshing mint that will cause someone to be inspired, informed, and invited to participate in what we feel is a life necessity for any true self-achiever.

Watch the CEO TV Network

Stay tuned for a network full of videos, podcasts, and live events that will continually transform your thinking and keep you inspired to be a self-achiever.

What you get with You Are a CEO:

Personalized Assessment

Reveal your true mindset when confronting fear, dealing with self-awareness, being an empowered thinking, and demonstrating excellence thinking. There are some deep insights regarding how your past or present experiences may be impacting your ability to work through things that you often find difficult to accomplish or overcome. This assessment will educate you regarding yourself just by answering the questions, however our personalized report then reveals an even greater understanding of how to be a self-achievement thinker and utilize this attribute to improve your life.

AchieveMints™ to Share with your Friends

Build your circle of achievement with friends and other self-achievers you will meet in our community that will accelerate your personal success. We help you capture your successes and, then easily share them with others like you. Finally, we provide a way for you to track and inspire your friends to achieve by consistently sharing your own achievements. Make it part of your daily ritual to celebrate yourself and create momentum to achieve great things in life.

CEO Toolbox

Our CEO toolbox is filled with innovative, motivating and practical tools that will give you even more momentum to reach your full potential in life. Gain access to discounted products- DVD's, CD's, and events that help to transform you and give you new insights and paths to self-achievement. We measure our success based on your success and try our best to increase your value of life continually by finding the best partners and self-achievement tools out there.

Success Profile

We have created the social resume that has been missing. Our success profile brings to light the hidden stories, accomplishments, and life insights that have helped to define what makes you so special. Where do you go to let people know how you feel about being the first in your family to go to college, or describe how it feels to have survived cancer, or how it feels to have made it through your 5th year of being a single parent? Our success profile brings to light the hidden stories, accomplishments, and life insights that have helped to define what makes you so special. We provide new and creative way for you to sharea different aspect of your story with in a community that appreciates what real achievement looks like. We start with a questionnaire about your goals, dreams, and ideal lifestyle of success which creates a profile for promoting your accomplishments, sharing aspects of your personality, and showing (not telling) everyone how much of a rock star you really are!

CEO TV Network

Our online television station exclusively dedicated to keep you inspired to achieve the consistent results you demand in the most important areas of your life. From talk shows to inspirational speaking we provide our audiences with what we call edutainment. Listen in your car or on the go to hear inspirational talks and life changing success stories that will keep you moving toward forward in a way that feels effortless because it's also entertaining.

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